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Tips for picking out the right cover

I get asked all the time which cover is my favorite. Obviously, I chose these fabrics for a reason. They are ALL more breathable, more absorbent, more comfortable, prettier, and more versatile than any other "car seat cover" or "nursing cover" on the market. But the different weaving patterns make each style a bit unique, so here are some rankings + tips to help you decide what is going to work best for you:

breathability [ranked from the loosest weave to the tightest weave]: if you're concerned with getting overheated when covered, focus more on the breathability rather than weight, as a looser weave in the fabric is what is going to make the biggest difference with keeping you and baby cool!

1) "breeze"

2) "loveloomed"

3) "a day at the hamam"

weight [ranked from lightest weight to heaviest]: but note that these are all still considered to be "light weight" when compared to a standard towel or blanket.

1) "breeze"

2) "a day at the hamam"

3) "loveloomed"

softness [with the softest being ranked #1]: but again, these are all woven with organic turkish cotton, which will get softer (and more absorbent!) the more you wash + use it.

1) "loveloomed"

2) "breeze"

3) "a day at the hamam"

So which should you pick? Which cover suits you best really comes down to a matter of preference. These are ALL made with the highest quality of handwoven turkish hamam towels out there. The difference in price between the different styles is primarily reflecting the intricacy of the weaving pattern, and that is why a style like "loveloomed" is at a higher price point than "a day at the hamam", but there are some customers that prefer the more simple appearance and lighter weight aspect of the "a day at the hamam" style than the other two styles.

When considering all of these factors, it is important to think about how you think you are more likely to use it, as well as the climate you will be using it in - i.e. if you (or the person you are gifting this to), lives in a warmer and more humid climate, the breathability might be the most important factor, whereas if you are buying it to be used mostly as a baby blanket, the "loveloomed" style might be the best fit since it is softer + a heavier weight. And since these are intended for mom to wear too (whether she's feeding baby or wearing it as a shawl or beach cover up), the mom's style preferences are equally important.

If you still aren't sure which is right for you, we are only an email away! Shoot us a note at and we're happy to help answer any questions you might have. 

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