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gift ideas for a new mom [in the covid era]

gift ideas for a new mom

Although in person celebrations may be postponed or canceled during these times of social distancing, Mother’s Day is still around the corner, and babies [and mothers!] are still being born. The saying is true that ‘it takes a village’, and now more than ever, I think it is so important to make sure the mamas of the world know just how much they are loved. So if you know a new mother or mother-to-be, make sure you don’t forget to celebrate her in this season. And if you can do so while supporting a small or local business, that's even better! Here are some ideas to make her feel loved and supported, even from afar.


I love giving gifts, and since becoming a mother myself, I especially love giving gifts for new mothers. Those early days of becoming a mom can be filled with lots of different feelings – some challenging, some painful, but mostly overwhelmingly joyful, love-filled, and certainly life-altering. I think to help a mother feel loved + supported during this season of new beginnings, the perfect gift should check three key boxes:

  1. Something Practical
  2. Something Pampering
  3. Something Personal
  • Something Practical: I know, I know, we all jump at the opportunity to buy cute baby clothes. And while clothes are always appreciated, I like to get the things the mama really needs for the stage she is in, with the goal being to make her life easier in some way. If you’re buying for a brand-new or expecting mom, you can always peruse her baby registry for some of the less exciting but necessary things (newborn nail clippers, hands-free pumping bra, nursing pads?). Or it could be something like a meal delivery gift certificate, a diaper subscription, a basket filled with lots of helpful postpartum goodies, or some of your own personal favorite mom-hacks. Given the current circumstances, I know we are all wondering what the future will look like, and it’s hard to guess the things she will really need — so now more than ever, I think emphasizing more versatile pieces is a smart choice.
  • Something Pampering: New moms are notorious for forgetting to take care of themselves, but sometimes a long soak in a bath or a new little something just for you is all you need to feel like yourself again. So I like to make sure there is something in the gift that is just for them --  something that will give them an excuse for some “me time”, or make them feel beautiful. For a fresh new mom, there are lots of postpartum bath soaks you can find online, or just choose a pretty bottle of bath salts, a nice smelling candle, an essential oil roller or diffuser, or a pretty piece of jewelry.
  • Something Personal: Making a gift feel personal (personal to the recipient, or personal from the gift giver), is a powerful way to keep us all feeling connected, even when we’re physically apart. You can make a gift feel personal in many ways – whether it’s picking out something in her favorite color (or colors to match the nursery), or a favorite scent, or including a product from a local crafter or small business.   If she’s just about to give birth, maybe it’s a postpartum journal if she enjoys writing, or a postpartum cookbook if she enjoys cooking. And never underestimate the power of a simple handwritten note to make sure she knows just how much she’s loved.


Gift baskets (or stocked diaper bags), are a favorite way of mine to include lots of goodies from each category. Or, you might be able to find one item that checks all the boxes (enter shameless plug for a hamam mama cover here 😊). And, every gift that is sent from hamam mama always includes a handwritten note to the gift recipient, and I love being able to pass along your sweet messages for you. Just enter a note at checkout with any instructions and I’ll take care of it for you!

When you’re sending a gift for a new mom, whether it’s during the COVID-19 era or after all of this has passed, I think the best advice is to just lead with love. You don’t have to go overboard, you don’t have to spend an absurd amount of money, but just make sure it is from the heart, and you can’t go wrong! And make sure you check in on your new mama and make sure she's doing ok. Trying to navigate this transition all alone can be daunting, and I'm sure she'll appreciate your love and support.

If you need more ideas, hamam mama is now on Pinterest, and I've been pinning some of my favorite items + inspo. Take a look hereif you're looking for specific gift ideas (or if you just want to a brain break to look at pretty things!)

Take care of yourselves.


Elizabeth Drumm

mother + founder

hamam mama

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