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which hooded towel should i choose?

our hooded hamam towels currently come in two basic designs:

  1. the "loveloomed" hooded hamam towel wrap, which is recommended for infants, size newborn all the way up to 12 months. the size is roughly the same as a large swaddle blanket, which makes it great for wrapping around newborns to keep them warm when coming out of the bath. the "loveloomed" fabric is a lightweight, breathable, thin weave, that feels like a softer + slightly thicker muslin gauze blanket, but because it is made with turkish cotton it is still surprisingly absorbent, and very quick drying, making it eco friendly as it requires less laundering and less time to dry. 
  2. the "ragamuffin" fringed hood towel, which is recommended for use from size 12 months all the way up to 4T [or even larger, depending on your fit preferences]. while the fabric used for these is still flatwoven, it is a heavier weight and more plush than the loveloomed, and will be warmer and softer yet still quick drying compared to a regular terry towel. while these can be used for smaller infants, please note that the hood is intentionally oversized, so it will be quite large on an infant younger than 12M. these are also intentionally longer than most hooded towels on the market, so when used with a child on the smaller end of the recommended size range, there is going to be lots of extra fabric for wrapping around them when toweling, and as they grow it will become a more 'tailored' fit  [but still with enough fabric for wrapping around the front to stay warm + cozy after bath!].
So, which one should you choose? it is really up to you and your preferences for size and fabric thickness, but we generally recommend choosing the "loveloomed" for newborns, and the "ragamuffin" if the baby is approaching or over the 12M mark - for that reason, the "ragamuffin" makes a great first birthday present!

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