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the 'hamam' towel

these are our same handwoven turkish 'hamam' towels that we use for our other products, but in their unaltered form, sold to you as 'just a towel' [of course this is a misnomer - read on for some of the many uses!]

hamam towels [or 'peshtemals'] orginated hundreds of years ago in Turkey in the public bath houses, called the 'hamam'.  intentionally designed for use in the hamams to be discreet, lightweight, absorbent, breathable, and quick drying, their versatility has allowed them to find many uses outside of the bath houses as well.

a popular choice for travel; toweling at home, the gym, pool, or beach; as a picnic blanket; yoga mat; stylish blanket; shawl; sarong; and of course, our favorite -- for [move over muslin!].

what makes our towels different from what you'll find at a big box store is due to both the quality of the natural turkish cotton that makes it ultra soft and absorbent, and the authentic handlooming techniques our weavers use to make them.  using only the same non-mechanized looms that have been used in Turkey for centuries, these are truly a work of art, and the quality of the end product simply can't be mimicked by the machine-made copycats.  the weaving patterns that are possible to make on a traditional shuttle loom make the weave of the fabric much looser, translating to a more breathable textile, allowing the cotton more room to 'bloom' and get softer, and is much more durable

most importantly, when you buy from us, you are supporting the weavers we source from, and in turn helping to preserve their craft. 

size: measures approximately 60x30 inches. *due to the handmade nature of these items, please note that variation in color and size is to be expected.

care instructions: machine wash cold [or hand wash], on low spin cycle. tumble dry low.  note that because the natural cotton that is used has not been chemically treated like conventional cotton, it will naturally bloom to get softer + more absorbent with each use + wash. please do not use bleach or fabric softeners!